Creating Marks

I've always loved mark making and understood the importance of using marks when creating printed patterns, but recently this has also been one of my biggest challenges. I am starting to redefine marks and what they mean. It's easy enough to add a spotty overlay to a motif but where are those spots really coming from in the first place, have you really been looking closely? 

Lately I've been focusing a lot on surface texture for my marks, especially on surfaces that at first glance don't look like they have much texture at all. Petals for example, at a first look the surface is quite smooth, maybe with a few veins but not much else. But look even closer and micro-sized bumps start to emerge, maybe some scratches on the surface or faintly frayed edges... You get my point, when you look closely, really closely, things start to appear that you never noticed before; and this is what I want to exploit.  

I've included some examples above of paintings where I have put surface texture at the core. Pansies are a great flower to use as a starting point because they have so much colour and pattern to them, plus they are one of my favourite species to draw. I'm starting  to realise how much texture adds to the character of a drawing which is something I may not have considered before; but I am really inspired to see how far I can push this idea.

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